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The stone veneer is unique not only in its structure strengthened by polyester nut especially by its weightlightness hence it can replace the quantity of used materials on different surfaces. Furthermore emphasizing by natural stone beauty is one of the biggest advantages. The rough stone surface needs to be treated by natural paintings.

Used on: columns, furniture, lights, markings, decoration and wall veneer. Stone veneers are easy to be installed and transported. The enduse result is amazing surfacing resulting to unique design and value. The beauty of a natural veneer is available in light, flexible stone veneers to be used only by your fantasy. Using on wardrobes, floors, walls, doors, fireplaces, bathrooms, kitchens, exterior.
The stone veneer is brilliant new alternative to conventional heavy slate stones. It is layered from natural slate on fibre-glass, polyresin by thickness only 1,5 mm and weight just 1,2-1,6 kg/m2 what is ideal alternative to traditional slate stones. The elegancy and uniqueness of natural slate can be enjoyed without any wight limitation and size of the stone.
The stone veneer can be installed on many different surfaces including dry wood, MDF, HDF, metal, plastic material, polystyrene or cement sheets. This stone veneer is light, flexible, coloured with many unique applications. Application of this new exciting material solves a high demand of flexible and adaptive stone veneer – weatherproof.
Products of new surface treatment weigh significantly less to classical stones coming to marked costs reduction of the transport and especially carbon emissions. Effective using of natural sources – slate, sandstone and granite are not renewable resources and should be used responsibly. Our stone veneers are more time thinner to classical products and by that increase use efficiency.
The veneer weight is 1,2-1,6 kg/m2. Since these venners are suitable for most of construction surfaces.
610x1220mm about 2-2,5mm thick. Other dimensions are available at colour selection - per order.
Suitable are PUR adhesives. The surface has to be treated with conventional natural paintings.

Technical properties


  •  Weight: 1,2-1,6 kg/m2
  • Backing: are available for most of construction surfaces
  • The sheet dimension: 610 x 1220 mm about 2-2,5 mm thick. Other dimensions are available at colour selection – per order
  • Adhesives: PUR compatible adhesives
  • Cutting: sheet metal shears, circular saw with saw blade, fiberglass blade
  • Treatment: rough stone surface must be before any operation treated by classic natural coatings
  • Aplication: for stone veneer gluing there are PUR adhesives suitable. Foam adhesives have to be applied in a very thin layer otherwise the glue is pushed through veneer to the other side. PUR adhesive is waterproof. Dispersion adhesives or adhesives for plastics can be also applied, while having the adhesion to polyester.

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The price and transport calculation depends on ordered volume so the transport price calculation at order making does need to be final. At the price change we will inform you as soon as possible to hve everything clear before order confirmation.

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